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Enjoy the tranquility of an aquarium as well as take advantage of its natural biological process to water your house plants or small garden.  TheGreenAquarium is the canny alternative to a regular fish tank utilizing the aquatic nitrogen cycle producing nitrates which aids in the natural fertilization of your plants.  This aquarium holds one gallon of water and attached is a spigot to ensure easy watering.  This aquarium makes for a beautiful home décor with its sleek design and attached planting pot as well as it’s ergonomically designed for the watering of your plants.  TheGreenAquarium is perfect for adults and children.  It fits easily on your counter or desk including 1 one gallon tank, 1 spigot, 1 planter pot and 1 aerator with tubing and stone. Turn your fish into a scientist with TheGreenAquarium and use science to enhance your plant collection!